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‘Ekamra Walks’ offers curated city trails, initiated by Bhubaneswar Development Authority. The idea of the Ekamra Walk is to brand Bhubaneswar as one of the most preferred Urban Tourism Destinations. The walk is a non-profit initiative by the unified effort of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation & Bhubaneswar Development Authority.
Old Town Bhubaneswar, also known as Ekamra Kshetra is the center of Kalingan temple architecture. In 2014, Ekamra Kshetra earned a place in UNESCO’S tentative list of World Heritage sites. Ekamra Walks, hence borrows its name from “Ekamra Kshetra” and is a chargeable guided tour for people interested in the history and culture of the city home to temples as old as 6th century. With the temples as its identity the city has a lot to offer such as varied cuisines, museums & natural resources. With an objective to explore the city from the lenses of heritage, science, history and food, the second edition of the Ekamra Walks shall offer a pleasant touring experience in the city in the coming days.

EKAMRA WALKS Season 2023 is now over. We shall update you when we start again. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for the latest news and updates. 

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